Admission / Discharge Procedures

Admission Procedures
At MONLA HOSPITAL there are three Admission offices: Inpatient Admission Office, Outpatient Admission and ER admission offices.


Inpatient Admission:
Cold scheduled cases are required to register their admission at the Inpatient Admission Office at least 48 hours prior to admission.

Patients are requested to submit their insurance companies/governmental agencies approval and to perform the required pre-operative tests.

Pre-Operative Testing:

Based upon the doctor’s request:
– Laboratory Tests
– Radiology Tests
– Anesthesia Doctor Consultation
– Cardiology Doctor Consultation

On the admission day, the patient should present to the Admission Office to finalize his admission. A Patient Escort will then direct the patient to his room. During the patient stay in the hospital, all the hospital staff will strive to render the best services and keep up patient satisfaction.


What to bring to Hospital:

  • Doctor’s medical order
  • X-rays
  • All medications currently taken
  • Overnight bag with sleep wear, footware and personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste,..) and other personal belongings.
  • Before any surgery or procedure , it is expected that the patient should:
    – Take a shower before coming to the hospital
    – Not wear make-up, jewelry , nail polish or contact lenses
    – Not smoke or eat or drink 12 hours prior to admission
    – Stop medications as per doctor’s request

What not to bring

  • Jewelry and watches
  • Large amount of money
  • Any valuable

The hospital is not responsible for lost valuables or belongings.


Outpatient Admission:

All outpatients requests are handled by the Outpatient Admission Office (Laboratory Tests, Radiology tests, MRI, CT Scan,  physical therapy, etc.)

Patients are requested to bring the medical request, ID card, Insurance Card and Third party approval (if applicable)


Emergency Room admission:

The Emergency Room admission office opens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It handles the admission of all the patients presenting to the emergency room.


Discharge Procedure

When the treating doctor signs the patient discharge:

– The Nursing staff will review the discharge instructions with the patient: medications, follow-up care.
– The patient file will be sent to the Billing Department for processing. The patient bill preparation process takes approximately One hour; therefore, the patient & his relatives are kindly requested to wait in the patient room for the cashier calls.


Medical Records

The medical record begins with the patient’s first admission as an inpatient. It contains all the treatments rendered, laboratory & radiology exams performed & doctors medical reports. Each patient has a unique medical record number. If a patient is readmitted to the hospital his/her record will be retrieved within maximum 30 minutes. The medical records are kept in the hospital under strict confidentiality